BECOME A "Buddy"

Miracle League Buddies, also known as "Angels in the Outfield" are volunteers ranging in age from age 12 to senior citizens. No registration fee required, and every Buddy will receive a free CCNJML Buddy T-Shirt.

Buddies can be a family member, individual, or volunteer groups such as an organization, nonprofits, high school clubs, sororities, fraternities, church groups, etc.

Not only will you have a lot of fun participating in our league, but you can be credited volunteer service hours too. Talk about a win-win!



  • Arrive at Boundless Field no later than 9:40AM to help assist with setting up (afterwards; breaking down) league equipment on and off the field.

  • Buddies are to assist players in fielding and batting (if needed) and ensure their safety at all times.

  • Each player who is participating in the game, should have one buddy assigned to them for the entire game. In certain situations two buddies may be required.

  • Please bring a baseball glove to use. If you do not own one, use of league equipment may be provided if available.

  • When a hard-hitter is up to bat, Buddies are to step in front of your CCNJML player for protection.

  • Always allow the CCNJML Player as much freedom as possible to play his/her own game to the best of their abilities.Talk to your player and find out what level of help they are comfortable with and assist that player according to their needs.

  • If you need help please ask a Coach or CCNJML Official.

  • Once the game has begun, cell phone use is strictly prohibited while on the field.

  • If you must use your cell phone, first inform one of the coaching staff and/or another buddy so your player is not left unattended and step off the playing field.

  • Be clean and appropriately dressed. A CCNJML buddy t-shirt is required. Only one per person. No flip flips or open toe sandals are allowed.

  • Be a good spirit with enthusiasm, love, a good attitude and concern in motivating the players and their families.

  • Become their friend; get to know the players and their families. You're probably making more of an impression than you know.

Come find out why we're more than just baseball!

Registration is closed until spring 2020.